Fresh Coconut Cake

When someone special gives you a very special gift, a cherished item, glimpse of knowledge or in this case a very special recipe, the recipient does what they can to preserve it. This special recipe was given to my husbands mother years ago from a lady they went to church with. Written out on two … Continue reading Fresh Coconut Cake

Our 3rd Calf!!!

Yeah!!!! Our 3rd calf is here! Its mother, Mandy, one of our beloved “reds,” calved yesterday as the sun was setting. It is a lighter faced calf and we are excited again to receive another one of God’s blessings on our little farm! So, without further ado, here are pictures of the precious one. PS … Continue reading Our 3rd Calf!!!

Learning from Others

Recently I had the opportunity to visit other homes of families who homeschool on a house tour, seeing glimpses into how each interpreted and implemented various methods of homeschooling. The first home we visited utilized the methods of Charlotte Mason. The main floor of their home sits high among the trees and when looking out most windows, you can … Continue reading Learning from Others

Our 2nd Calf

WOW! We just got to experience the birth of our second calf! Mitchell found Annie in labor at 1:45 and about 2:20, our second calf was born. Dulcie was nearby in the experience, too. This calf features a darker coloring over all, to which we credit the mother and father’s darker coloring to that. He is … Continue reading Our 2nd Calf

Our 1st Calf, More Pictures

Well, I was able to get back down after hubbie had checked on the calf again and got some more pics. The calf was playful and content, staying with Momma. The calf is beautiful!!!      

Our 1st Calf

Here at Pleasant Grove Farms, we are *****SOOOOO***** very excited to share with you pictures of our first calf born here on the farm this morning!!!! Dulcie is being a wonderful mother, nurturing it, cleaning it, help it to stand. Nature is so beautiful! This calf is so precious! Enjoy the pics!