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In a childbirth class that my husband and I took preparing for our first born, we were asked to draw an image representing a fear or major concern we had about the new baby or things surrounding taking care of it, etc. I recall one father drew a needle. When asked what that symbolized, he said it represented his fear of vaccines for his baby. He had mixed feelings about their safety and shared potential side effects that he had heard but didn’t know what to believe. Discussion followed about pros and cons by various ones present. The conclusion was that each parent had to determine for themselves what was best for their baby.

Although I had heard of people state they had fears of vaccines before, I didn’t really know what to think either. So many stories you hear of vaccines being a problem, court cases, on and on are media frenzies to me and really never give clear details as to the hows and whys and on what basis parents make their claims and why doctors and people in the medical field give their claims.

So why isn’t there a middle ground? Should there be? Are vaccines safe or not? Who are we supposed to believe and why are they still being given if they are so bad? And are they really bad?

If you stumbled onto this post and don’t know me personally, you need to know that I am NOT a medical professional and am NOT claiming to have found the secret to know whether or not to vaccinate your child or not. I am not making any diagnosis or suggesting any specified detailed determination on right or wrong. I am simply trying to weigh out the pros and cons for myself for our children and wanted to share a few links that may help provide some insight to the great vaccine debate.

Personally, we are weary of vaccines. That said though, we still had our first child vaccinated, though they were spread out more than the CDC’s recommended schedule. However, he is no longer current on them. It concerned us, especially the six month shots, how terrible the reaction was on our baby. It seemed as though what little tiny babble or other development he had recently acheived regressed and took so much longer still to regain again. Vaccinating was a challenge, but yet we were told we were doing the right thing. I pointed our Pediatrician to different information on reputable websites that was dismissed and therefore we continued on. It seemed we thought something may be amiss, but when speaking to our Pediatrician, he dismissed our concerns time and time again and continued to frustrate us to the point we changed physicians over this very issue.

While our child continues to do well, some milestones were slowly reached and at times were very discouraging to us. However, the more we learned and experienced the more we questioned our decision to continue vaccinating.

When you read and study on how vaccines work, it says you are simply given a tiny bit of disease so that the body can create antibodies to fight that infection and to help your body know what the infection is and react to fighting it off quicker or staving it off altogether because one already has the antibodies in place. In theory it makes sense to me. Simple enough. However, the point that bugs me is the part that Doctors administer upwards of six tiny doses of infection to a little baby AT ONE TIME! Could you imagine being sick with six serious illnesses at one time???? I would be aggitated too! I would be sick and grouchy and miserable and no doubt would probably run a fever too! I have had personal conversations with friends whose children had life threatening issues with their baby being vaccinated-complications like seizures, not breathing, and the one in the million child who they almost lost due to reactions to vaccines, but was saved by the Lord’s good graces and thankfully quick responses by his caretaker, Mom, doctors and the ER. OKAY, THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF HERE PEOPLE! What is happening when our babies get these vaccines???

It wasn’t until I recieved this link, witten by Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD, that I started to get a glimpse in laymans terms of what happens to the body when a vaccine is administered as well as why the CDC can say what they do and why doctors can dismiss our concerns so easily. (This post also has many other details on history of vaccines as well as his own vaccination schedule.) While his claims concerned me and, you can always wonder what to believe on the internet, it challenged me to seek out other sources of information to validate the claims by this physician. It seemed to start making sense to me. I am thankful for this physicians candid discussion on vaccines and their need and usage. I read it, and honestly, this new information, along with other research I did on my own, experiences we have now had with our second child, experiences I shared above, and after discussion with my husband, caused us to put the breaks on currently vaccinating either of them any further.

As stated above, each person has to come to their own decision and seek out for yourself what is best for your children. New studies are conducted, vaccine ingredients change, doses change, etc. There is a lot to be considered. That said, if you want to know more about alternatives to the traditional vaccine schedules, then here are a few other links you may wish to read as well.

Dr. Oz: What Causes Autism (Dr. Sears states that 18 of the 23 vaccine – autism studies were conducted by “Big Pharma.” That quote is from the fourth series on that episode.)

Dr. Sears – popular pediatrician on his proposed alternative vaccination schedule

John Hopkins on autism (it is helpful if you have already read Dr. Miller’s article referenced above)

History of Vaccines

Immunity Properties in Breastmilk

In closing, there is no perfect answer on what route to take and I by no means am going to say what is best for you! I can’t say who is right or wrong or who to believe. I do realize that as new evidence comes out we must study it for ourselves as well as the context in which it was written, etc, and trust that we are doing the best that we know how. I am simply encouraging you to do your own research to make your own an informed decison.