Fresh Coconut Cake

2 thoughts on “Fresh Coconut Cake”

  1. Thanks Lisa for your kind comments and great feedback and also for sharing it on your Aunt Lil’s site! I am honored!
    If you are interested in making the cake, I have made it more than once with my Mother in Law in mind as she is not a coconut lover either. There are two key steps that I omit for a portion that I don’t “coconut” for her. Here is what I do, so if Dan is a coconut lover, you can make the cake, but make part of it for you and part for him :)
    Okay #1-the coconut, prepare as above.
    #2-the cake layers, prepare as above.
    #3-prepare the filling as above, except at the “add the finely grated coconut” pour some out aside that will be coconut free. (The coconut milk used in this filling is too delish-you will love it in the custard filling, but guessing not the coconut itself.)
    #4-the icing, prepare as above
    #5-on assembly, keep up with where you put the filling that has the coconut in it and the part that doesn’t and build a cake, part with coconut and part without and when you to the part to top the cake with coconut, match that area up as well. You will still get a mighty good flavorful cake without the shredded/grated coconut itself. Let me know if you try it. :)
    Thanks! Sherra

  2. Great post Sherra. I shared in on Aunt Lil. Your photos are awesome. I know I really need to try this cake, but the fact that coconut is the one thing in the world I don’t enjoy keeps me hesitating. Lisa

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